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Synofit - 10% off

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WHAT: An all-natural combination providing one of the most complete joint support formulas available.

WHO: Those who have Arthritis & joint pain.

HOW: A stable and Bioavailable form of the green-lipped mussel extract paired with curcumin and blackcurrant leaf providing the very best source of Omega 3's in conjunction with other known inflammatory fighters.

WHY: This combination of ingredients work to enhance each other's anti inflammatory action while potentially increasing cartilage formation and lubricating joints.

WHEN : When your joints are causing discomfort, start with a build-up phase, usually for a period of 40-80 days (Synofit Premium capsules or 10 ml of the liquid) and then move to a maintenance dose (2 Synofit Premium capsules a day or 5ml of the liquid).