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Aiken's Compounding Pharmacy

Medications are not one size fits all. We offer individualized compounded prescriptions that are customized just for you and your unique situation. No two patients are the same and no two people react the same to each medication.  We work in a true triad with you, your provider, and our compounding team to create solutions just for you. 

What is Compounding & What Options Do I Have?  

When there is a problem. You need a solution.  Mass-produced medications are not always the answer. Many times, patient-specific compounding may be just what the doctor ordered.  Customized prescription formulas are created just for you in our USP-795 and USP-800 compliant labs.

Some benefits of patient-specific compounding include: 

  • Compounded medications can be formulated into alternative delivery forms, such as topical gels, creams, or nasal sprays, giving the health care professional and the patient a wider range of delivery options.

  • Patient allergies and sensitivities that occur with commercially available drugs can be overcome with compounded prescriptions that are preservative, dye, and lactose-free for example.

  • Discontinued and commercially unavailable medications can be custom-made so that you do not have to go without.

  • Compounded customized hormone therapies are a viable alternative for patients who would prefer to avoid conventional hormone replacement medications.

  • Custom-compounded medications are vital to a successful veterinary practice where hard-to-find medications or uniquely formulated compounds are needed to ensure easier delivery and patient’s compliance with drug regimens.

  • Compounded pain medications can often prevent some of the side effects associated with standard pain medications.

  • Compounded medications are ideally suited to sports medicine and physical therapy scenarios where musculoskeletal pain due to inflammation is a problem, but injections are difficult.

  • Compounded prescriptions are a unique way to deliver medications to patients who are otherwise resistant to traditional forms of medications, such as a lollipop for oral sedation for children.

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Women's Health 

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
(or as we like to call it, Hormone Restoration)

  • Topical & Vaginal Creams

  • Capsules - Troches

  • Suppositories 
    Click Here for more Information on HRT


Dermatology compounding allows your pharmacist to create personalized dermatological medications for your skin type and preferences. Our individualized process allows your physician and pharmacist to work together to create the best product for your skin care needs, without losing any of their effectiveness.

Compounded prescription formulations to treat

  • Acne - Psoriasis - Diaper Rash

  • Rosacea - Eczema - Scarring

  • Pre-Cancerous spots

  • Hair & Scalp conditions

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Men's Health

Hormone Replacement Therapy is not just for women.  Through HRT, our pharmacists and your provider will work together to formulate a compound to fit your unique body and hormone levels, resulting in a better feeling you. 


We work closely with local dental professionals to offer customized compounds including:

  • Topical Anesthetics

  • Mouth Rinses

  • Tetracaine pain-relief lollipops

  • Cold Sore topical ointment

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We work with your veterinarian to formulate your pet's prescription medication in the strength, dosage form, flavor, or package size that fits your pet's needs.  We compound for all pets.  If you have an iguana, we have you taken care of.  Your pet means as much to us as you do.  

  • Flavored Suspensions

  • Treats

  • Topicals 


Pain Management

Joint Paint, Soft Tissue Inflammation, Plantar Fasciitis, General Pain, Mouth Pain, Headaches, Sports Medicine, Neuropathic Pain

  • Creams & Gels

  • Iontophoresis & Phonophoresis for Physical Therapists

  • Nipple Ointment

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